Product Description
BOPP shrink film is also a biaxial oriented film with good mechanical and physical properties. It is a clear, tough, flexible, transparent or translucent material. BOPP film has a good protection that the film will not easily be broken no matter at low or high temperature.

BOPP film is available commercially in a range of widths, thicknesses and properties depending upon the needs of end users. It can be made as a single layer or can be coextruded with other co-polymers into a multilayer film encompassing the desired characteristics of each material.

BOPP shrinkable film is also suitable for bulk packaging, it reduces the cost of transport, maximize the shelf space. CHFA customizes the design and printing to reach the advertising effectiveness, greatly enhance the texture of the products, and increase the value of the products.
1. Customized printing for brand identity.
2. Moisture barrier, water proof, and damage prevention.
3. Available in Roll Stock Film for automated machinery.
4. High transparency and double-sided heat sealable.
5. Good electrical insulation and good chemical resistance.
6. Effective saving packaging to reduce transport costs.
7. The combination packaging is commonly used in promotional products with gifts.
Mainly use in cigarette packaging, CD, DVD, VCD, video, cosmetics, toys, stationery, books, pharmaceutical and medical packaging, etc. Applicable to industrial and other related uses of BOPP shrink film.
Applicable material
BOPP Film。