Product Description
CHFA supplies the most reliable and consistent range of stretch films in various sizes and thickness. Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) is the base material for manufacturing stretch film. Stretch film is used for packing and protection of products.

PE shrink films are used to ensure tight load goods for security, clarity for inspection and to protect goods from damage, moist, dirt and dust. PE stretch films are used for wrapping pallets by machine or by hand due to its super winding and retract force. They are designed to tightly cling objects together to provide a secure wrap over the product to protect them from shifting during transport. Furthermore, stretch films are used to bundling product in order to easier inventory control and transportation.

Due to its low thickness and high durability that guarantees the stability of load, using stretch film is the most efficient way of wrapping products. PE shrink film is suitable for long distance transport of product packaging and also claims its non-toxic features for environmental protection.
1. Light Weight
2. High transparency and clarity
3. Great tear and puncture resistance
4. Visual product identification
5. Great strength and durability
6. Cost Effective
7. Available in Roll Stock Film for automated machinery.
8. Environmental material, which does not produce toxic and harmful gases, can fit the requirements for health and safety products.
9. Apply in various thickness.
10. Exquisite color printing performance for products advertising.
11. Waterproof and moisture-proof.
PE Shrink film is used primarily for packing and protection of products, ranging from loads bundled on pallets, to individual items of large-scale overall dimensions. Also the collective bulk products are able to use PE film, including soda, soft drinks, mineral drinks, beer, pharmaceutical or dairy products, easy-open cans, glasses, etc.
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