About CHFA

Corporate Profile
30 Years of Experiences and Quality Guarantee Since 1991

CHIA HSIANG FA Enterprises Co., Ltd., initial as CHFA, was founded in 1991. CHFA has become one of the leading custom printing packaging manufacturers and suppliers in the packaging industry. CHFA has been certified ISO 9001 / ISO 22000 / HACCP standards. Nowadays, CHFA has focused on superior quality, dedicated service, technique proficiency, and sustainable development.

In these decades, we persevere with our enterprise spirit and philosophy of hospitable service, professional refinement, solid integrity and surpassing quality. We provide the best and professional printing shrinkable sleeve products and flexible packaging products in order to meet the holistic requirement of clients. Through our great endeavor, CHFA has not only grown steadily, but also repeatedly won the endorsements of many well-known brands. Considering fulfilling more demands, we have introduced new printing facilities to afford multi-colors printing service from design, printing proof for the products to the complete after-sales service.

PVC/PP/ PE/PET/OPS shrink sleeve labels, POF polyolefin films, and flexible packaging products are our main products, including laminated pouches, aluminum pouches, zipper pouches, stand up pouches and so on. The products can be applied in various industries, from food industry, beverage industry, medical industry, beauty industry, to biotechnology industry, etc.

With the growing of consumers, we will concentrate on sustainability in the future through developing the environmental solutions for packaging industries, and establishing the good corporate governance and enterprise culture to raise the job satisfaction of employees, and strengthen the cohesiveness of the company.Meanwhile, we will make effort to acquire more international certifications in order to earn the respect and credibility from our customers. CHFA will always be your best choice and your faithful partner.


Chia Hsiang Fa Enterprises Co., Ltd was established in Banqiao, New Taipei City


Purchased our first cutting machine


Moved to Zonghe District, TaipeI City to expand shrink sleeve packaging production line.


Moved to a new facility in Zonghe Industrial Zone, Taipei


Gravure printing equipments and other processing machines were introduced to CHFA


Implemented gravure printing machines


Awarded ISO 9001 Certificate for International Quality Management System


Certified and approved by Sony & P&G etc


Moved to Tucheng Industrial Area for expansion and introducing flexible packaging production equipments


Set up the clean room for a better working environment


Awarded HACCP Certificate for Food Safety Systems

Awarded ISO 22000 Certificate for Food Safety Management Systems

Core Strengths

Over thirty decades, CHFA not only provides the most appropriate packaging approach and most professional service, but also emphasizes on quality with rigorous attitude. Moreover, CHFA offers the training program regularly for employees to their personal development. We establish a healthy and safe working environment and strict quality control to achieve the customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance
We aim to provide quality products and services that meet the needs of our clients

Chia Hsiang Fa provides the excellent quality, reasonable price and deluxe service to our customers. In educational training aspect, we promote the quality awareness with involvement of our employees. In product manufacturing aspect, we implement the quality assurance requirements by indeed execution. In research development aspect, we strive to enhance the technical skills and capacity by practice. In business promotion aspect, we satisfy the customer's needs by listening attentively to our customers. We combine with our suppliers and customers to implement a quality control system and upgrade quantity into quality and quantity. CHFA becomes our customer's front shield to create a win-win situation.

Quality Guarantee
Execute the processes strictly and evaluate the quality cautiously.
Dedicated Service
Serve our customers with sincerity and professionalism to create a win-win situation.
Social Responsibility
Build an Outstanding Sustainable Enterprise

CHFA realizes the responsibility of our community all around the world and we do our utmost to be a value partner to our neighbors and our nation.CHFA has strived to demonstrate good enterprise citizenships through the perfect company governance, environmental awareness in order to build a sustainable living environment.

Enterprise Commitment

CHFA realizes that good corporate governance is the foundation of the sustainable enterprise development. CHFA has selected numbers of senior directors to constitute a board, which emphasizes on long-term development of company, cultural heritage and the training program to strengthen the competitiveness between the employees, combined with the human resources department to prevent the fault crisis of all the levels, to achieve the sustainable development. Meanwhile, we are actively committed to promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our corporation.Moreover, through internal auditing system to evaluate the performance, it is undoubtedly a motivation for our employees to work more efficiently and take good responsibility to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Workplace Safety

CHFA strives to provide a favorable workplace, including a regular physical examination and occupational safety etc. By building an inclusive working environment, CHFA retains a diverse workforce. To ensure the health and safety of employees, we follow the top level of standards to enhance the sanitation and safety management. Furthermore, the related standard regulations and procedures have been set up to evaluate the risk related the operation and efficiently decrease the shortcoming of the operational work.

Environmental Sustainability

We care about the environment. With the concept of green manufacturing for a sustainable industry, CHFA follows the RoHS rules and increases the application of the green materials to reduce the environmental damage. Meanwhile, lowering the energy consumption is emphasized to build a sustainable supply chains. CHFA also brings our employees to do eco-friendly visits and enhance their environmental awareness. Recently, we have set up the goal to meet more international environmental standards. Each step is showing our efforts to increase the green competitiveness.

Social Welfare

Employees are the most precious assets of CHFA. In order to build up a good relationship between us, we provide the tutor service and support our employees to improve their working performance and their personal difficulties. Also, we encourage our employees to take part in any kinds of volunteering work to help the people who need. In addition, CHFA is committed to social care and willing to take our love into action. We actively involve in public service and help disadvantaged groups. With a sincere and passionate heart, we are deeply convinced that “sharing and giving can make our community better.”

Enterprise Commitment
We preserve with the honesty and sincere attitude to develop a sustainable enterprise.
Workplace Safety
Comply with the top standards of health and safety to provide a better environment for employees.
Environmental Sustainability
Build a sustainable environment and embrace the green world.
Social Welfare
Commit to promoting social care into the community and transmitting the positive value around the world.