Multi-Pack Shrink Sleeve Label

Product Description
Multi-products packaging, in accordance with customer demand, select PVC, PET, OPS, PE, POF, BOPP, etc., different shrink film of packaging materials with the automatic packaging machinery. The products can be combined for the discount packaging and hold multiple items together to create combo packs for added point of sale appeal. Appeal to consumers and increase sales by offering additional sample products or with a “buy one, get one free” promotion.

Meanwhile, you will bring down shipping costs and maximize shelf space, to reach lower costs, saved resources, and a more streamlined, cost-effective process.
1. Custom print on-pack promotions
2. Available in Roll Stock Film for automated machinery to save labor cost and improve the production efficiency.
3. Collective products wrapping for discount promotion or limited edition packaging.
4. High transparency and reliable sealing.
5. 360゜color printing performance for advertising effectiveness.
6. Water proof, dust proof to protect the goods from breakage.
Suitable for drinks, water, beer, milk, medicine packaging, etc., all kinds of beverage industry for the multi-products packaging.
Applicable material