One-way degassing valve can be added for pouches to addition ventilation. The valves contribute to product freshness and preservation and palletisation of pouches.

K Shaped Bottom for Standing

K seal style allows the pouch to stand unattended on the shelves and helps the filled bag hold its structure better.

Center Seal Pouch

Center Seal Pouches allow for a full wrap around graphic display without any break as the seal is in the back center of the package including a bottom seal.

Three Side Seal Pouch

Three Side Seal Pouches are made leak proof with good sealing property. Further, the range is highly durable and can be used for long duration in many sizes and colors.
Product Description
The specialty coffee market is one of the markets most influenced by the advancements in packaging. Barrier materials and accessories have created so many options that freshly roasted coffee beans can be enjoyed by consumers as if they came straight from the roaster.

Coffee valve bag are made from various layers of laminate with the one-way coffee degassing valve. The invention of the one-way coffee degassing valve and its incorporation into the flexible package changed all this. The valve is now an integral part of any package used to deliver truly, fresh whole bean coffee to the market. Now, many other applications have been found for the valve.

The added zipper gives customers the added resealability feature not available previously. Products are loaded from the bottom of these bags making them easy to fill. The aluminum foil used on these bags provides one of the best barriers available in the flexible packaging industry. It provides an excellent oxygen, moisture and aroma barrier for all products.

Our wide variety of options, including stand up pouches, flexible box bags, quad seal packaging, and center fin style packaging, all ensure top quality while looking great. Use your own graphics, or work with our design team to create packaging worthy of your coffee or tea product.
• Resistance against moisture
• It has a longer life shell and reduced transportation cost.
• Great brand appeal and user friendly.
• Maintain the freshness of the product.
• Coffee generates gas inside the bag and also needs protection from oxygen and moisture.
• Large bulk flexible packages which require the release of excess air from packages for palletisation.
These include deflating large bags during palletizing (e.g. up to 50 lbs. of pet food, resins, agricultural chemicals, etc.), medical applications and other pressure relief applications. Or various specialty foods that have active ingredients such as yeast and cultures and other flexible packages with polyethylene (PE) interior that require one-way release of pressure from inside the package.

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