Re-closable or re-sealable zippers can be used for storing and packaging food products, which need extended time for preservation of nutrients, taste and aroma.

Center Seal Pouch

Center Seal Pouches allow for a full wrap around graphic display without any break as the seal is in the back center of the package including a bottom seal.

Three Side Seal Pouch

Three Side Seal Pouches are made leak proof with good sealing property. Further, the range is highly durable and can be used for long duration in many sizes and colors.
Product Description
Retort pouches are the one of the most advanced forms of pouches, which is actually made from diverse layers of plastic and metal foil laminate. These pouches have the ability to withstand thermal processing, which is generally used for sterilization or aseptic processing of products.
Retort pouches can extend the freshness of its contents beyond the average time involved. These pouches are manufactured with materials, which can withstand the higher temperatures of the retort process. Thus, these types of pouches are more durable and puncture-resistant in compare to the existing series. Retort pouches are used as an alternative to canning methods. A foil Lined paper bag ideal for retaining the freshness and heat of cooked food, perfect for take away use.
• Resistance against moisture
• safeguards the freshness, aroma and taste of the ingredients inside.
• It has a longer life shell and reduced transportation cost.
• Easy to open in contrast to cans and jars.
• Great brand appeal and user friendly.
• Durable and puncture-resistant
• Reduced processing cost is its valuable advantage.
Retort pouch can be applied to foods, pet foods, medical and hospital products, especially frozen foods and refrigerator food.

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