Equipment & Certification

Certification & Partners
Quality Control Management Team

The meeting will be hold periodically to maintain the high quality of the products and reduce the defective rate. Meanwhile, our effective quality management system can fully meet the international regulatory requirement.

Professionals Training Program

Through the educational training program, the importance of quality control will be advocated between employees and the quality assurance skills will also be improved.

Worldwide Cooperation and Partnership
Qualified Materials

We choose the qualified suppliers and materials to reassure our clients.

Shrink Sleeve Manufacturing Process
Printing Cylinders Making

Through the automatic rotogravure printing facilities and the confirmation of artwork from clients, we provide the color analysis to take control of printing accuracy and eliminate customers’ uncertainty of the packaging effect. Also, the rotogravure printing cylinders fully demonstrate the characteristic of products with multi-layer printing effect and color saturation.


Based on customers’ requirement, we customize different packaging size and patterns. Before rewinding, we confirm the exact layflat and usage of glue through the testing step. With the electronic length counter, accurate rewind length can be easily to set through touch screen control system and the printing and sealing quality can also be inspected.


CHFA implements in process quality control (IPQC) in each procedure. After passing the total quality control (TQC), we maintain our product quality strictly and cooperate with our customers closely to develop a security supply chain and deliver the goods punctually.

Laminated Pouch Manufacturing Process

Auto rotogravure printing machine combined with computer automatic alignment system can produce the precise quality printings and minimize the material wastage to achieve the customer satisfaction.

Lamination Process

The different laminating materials can be applied with the automatic high-speed dry laminating machine to reach the diverse functions of the products( air barrier, moisture proof, etc.), remain the unique packaging and enhance the brand recognition. With the features of high-speed bonding and accelerating drying, the automatic control can reduce defect ratio to a minimum and ensure superior lamination quality.

Pouch Making

To meet the customers’ requirement, we offer a various standards to customize the pouch with different characteristic of products. The automatic digital machine can be much easier for operation by PLC system. Therefore, the stability of the product quality and the speed can be improved. The production process begins from roll film, automatic edge alignment, slitting, zipper attachment, automatic slider insertion, hole punching, heat cutting, sealing and ends with the automatic counter.