Roll Stock Film

Center Seal Pouch

Center Seal Pouches allow for a full wrap around graphic display without any break as the seal is in the back center of the package including a bottom seal.

Three Side Seal Pouch

Three Side Seal Pouches are made leak proof with good sealing property. Further, the range is highly durable and can be used for long duration in many sizes and colors.
Product Description
A common packaging format is Roll Stock. Technically all pouches and bags come from printed rolled materials. Thus, with an ability to move through high speed packaging lanes and quickly transform into final packages, Roll Stock made itself the standard for the entire flexible packaging industry.

Our roll stock films and specialty flexible packaging films are designed to meet exact flexible packaging requirements and it can be used for extending shelf life, flavor and aroma protection, or any barrier properties.

With our expertise in providing flexible packaging solutions, we always maintain our focus on innovation and quality that helps us to deliver world-class and durable packaging solutions that provide advantages of greater visibility and longer shelf-life.

With the application of flexible packaging growing rapidly, these multi-layer laminated flexible packaging rolls and pouches are available in various finish specifications. CHFA is the expertise in catering to diverse needs of client’s customized packaging facility.
Laminated Roll Stock is used in making pouches and bags for food, consumer products, pharmaceutical and even chemical industries. It is suitable for all customers who plan to expand on an economy of scale. We also provide other industrial packaging films and laminating pouch film for food and non-food industries.