Horizontal Perforation Line

Horizontal Perforation Line allows part of the shrink sleeve to be removed easily without damaging the rest of the label and keep the product label.

Vertical Perforation Line

Vertical Perforation Line will make it easy to tear the shrink sleeve apart for safety sealing.

Chamfer with T-Perforation Line

The Chamfer with T-perforation Line is used as an “easy to remove” tamper-evident band.

Chamfer with Vertical Line

The Chamfer with Vertical Line is used for tearing the shrink sleeve easily
Product Description
Shrink sleeve labels can be widely used in various packaging categories. With the 360-degree display of the outstanding artwork, shrink sleeve labels increase the marketing exposure and have become one of the crucial marketing tools. These highly attractive labels provide the colorful wrap-around coverage conforming perfectly to the shape of the bottles or containers through the application of heat. The shrink sleeve films are measured precisely to fit closely for any plastic, glass, or metal container and your products can be promoted from any angle.

Based on the product characteristic, we customize the different materials (including PVC, PET, OPS or PLA, etc.) and thickness (generally 35-50 micron) for the packaging of shrink sleeves. A sleeve label can be applied to a package in a variety of different ways, from covering or a cap of a container to full-body 360-degree coverage.

Shrink label can also use automatic labelling machine to set product label into the container and the shrink sleeve packaging can fit tightly with the shape of the container. From printing to manufacturing, we are your faithful partners to complete your customized shrink sleeve labels with decades of experience.
1. A range of unique options and can be applied to shaped bottles and containers.
2. 360-degree coverage colorful printing and eye-catching designs.
3. Brand identity can be increased and the effect of product marketing can be achieved.
4. Tamper evident for food and beverage products to ensure the product quality and safety.
5. Easy to change the design for seasonal or limited-time promotions.
6. Seamed, seamless (extruded), including T-perf, Horizontal, vertical.
7. Available in Roll Stock Film for automated machinery.
8. Water-proof and rust-proof to prevent the goods from breakage.
9. Available in Roll Stock Film for automated machinery or individual Cut Bands for manual applications.
10. The products characteristics can be fully demonstrated.
11. The adhesive can be processed at the back of label to prevent label from falling out.
Can be applied to food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical and medical industry, household or personal care products, stationery, or CD, etc., all the different shaped bottles and containers.
Applicable Material